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Fernando Galarraga

Ministry of Culture of the Argentine State, Musician, Argentinian Republic

Blinded as a young man, Fernando discusses the joy of working in an area he loves and the hard work in other areas he had to do first to gain work experience.


My name is Fernando Galarraga, I’m from Beunos Aires, Argentina and I am a member of the blind national chorus of the Ministry of Culture for the nation. What I like best about my job is creating music and being able to provide this artistic activity to various areas of the country.

Practically a year after I completed my studies, I was already working, thankfully, to the fact that I have studied music from a young age, and that I had the opportunity of having studied music in braille.

Yes, I worked in other areas, such as the director of the library of Argentina for the Blind and as an Accessibility Consultant.

I have been totally blind since the age of 12 years old.

The lack of dissemination from various organizations and the lack of information in general in our society about the opportunities or the potential that someone who is blind is capable of with the proper necessary assistive technology.

In music we use sheet music in Braille; in other activities I use a computer.

The recommendation I could make, is don’t judge a person by one particular function instead offer opportunities so that the individual can showcase their potential as a start but without limiting to just one function so they can advance in a professional career within the company or corresponding internal department.

Basically, my family who has accompanied me and helped me achieve my objectives and especially a small group of friends who are always there for support and company.

Don’t settle for the status quo, search all mediums for inclusion in the labor market just like other colleagues, and for that matter don’t use or expose your disability as an excuse to obtain certain benefits.