A career planning and employment resource for people who are blind or partially sighted

Preparing for Work

Once you’ve mastered the skills to live independently and completed your learning and education​ –you’re ready to start your job search.  To successfully find and secure employment, you must know what you have to offer, find out what jobs are available, and determine how to convince an employer to hire you. This can be especially challenging for job seekers who are blind or partially sighted due to the misperceptions that employers often have about the abilities of people with disabilities.

The key areas addressed in this section are:

  • Self-evaluation, which includes information about how to assess your interests, abilities, values, and determine what challenges or barriers you may face as you attempt to find a job.
  • Career exploration, which explains how to investigate the labour market – both in general and for jobs that are being performed by other people who are blind or partially sighted.
  • The job search​, which covers the logistical considerations, such as how to find job leads, apply for jobs of interest, submit a résumé or CV, and perform well in an interview. 
You will want to read through each section when you are ready to prepare your job search.  For more information and useful external links  visit the Preparing for Work Resources section. ​​​​​​​

Success Stories

Visit the Success Stories section to access video, audio, and print interviews with individuals who are blind or partially sighted enjoying successful careers.

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