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Employer Resources​

Below are profiles of organizations, programs, services and useful websites from around the world. Don’t hesitate to check out resources from other countries; they may be useful to you even though they aren’t specific to where you live.

  • Workplace Essential Skills Partnership (WESP)

    Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

    The program, funded by Employment Ontario, gives participants tools to be competitive in the job market and the confidence to become employed. Its varied offerings include: job searching tips, resume and cover letter writing, career development sessions, interview techniques and connecting with employers. WESP also helps employers find, recruit and pre-screen qualified candidates.

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  • Fiscal Tigers

    Fiscal Tiger, a United States-based financial management firm, recently published an informative piece, Jobs and Careers Guide for People With Visual Impairments. The Guide includes information about legislation and accommodation requirements in the US, a listing of jobs considered ideal for blind and partially sighted people, and job search tips.

    Keywords: United States, Job Seekers, Visually Impaired, Statistics, workplace accomodation

  • RNIB’s Guide for Employment Professionals

    Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB)

    ​Blind or partially sighted people should not be excluded from employment - nor should sight loss equal job loss.

    If your profession involves supporting job seekers we can help you support these clients. We work with partners to deliver tailored employment solutions, and we have developed tools to help blind and partially sighted people find work.

    We can also support welfare to work providers and those whose role involve helping blind and partially sighted people into work.

    Keywords: employment, employment professionals, employment supports for individuals who are blind or partially sighted.

  • Zippia Career Experts

    ​Zippia is a career exploration and job seeking website based in the United States. They have recently published a comprehensive workplace resource for the disabled community, which answers questions and concerns in terms of how to approach a professional working environment for a disabled employee.

    Keywords: United States, Job Seeking, Career Exploration, Disabilities, Employment Statistics

  • Be My Eyes

    ​Be My Eyes now creates private video support networks for work, school and other membership organizations, giving employees, students and members with vision impairments an added layer of security and support. Ask about Be My Eyes at your workplace!

    Keywords: United States, Job Support, Disabilities

  • Vision Australia

    Offers a wide range of services includes help for employers and career seekers, adaptive technology consultancy services, training courses and mobility services. Vision Australia also places a strong emphasis on advocacy and community education through its Speaker’s Network and other offerings. The organization offers audio books, a radio station and other means for communication. And Vision Australia provides orientation and mobility series such as cane training and orientation with guide dogs. They also provide education and training for children and adults

    Keywords: Australia, online learning, online courses, directory, disability specific, skills training, training, continuing education

  • JAN- Job Accommodation Network

    U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP)

    A job accommodation resource, consultants offer guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues for the benefit of employers and people with disabilities. Services for employers include consultation on the accommodation process and accommodation ideas. Individuals receive consults on job accommodation ideas, requesting and negotiating accommodations and their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and related laws.

    Keywords: United States, employment counselling, training, work stations, equipment, workplace accommodation, consultation, podcast, job seekers

  • Job Search Toolkit


    With the aim of helping job seekers who are blind or partially sighted develop a variety of skills to help them find work, the toolkit addresses things like confidence, body language and visual presentation. It offers fact, tips, worksheets and role play exercises as well as advice on how to find the right job. Titled “Job Search, the Real Story” and comprising five modules, the toolkit also covers issues related to service providers and employers, providing them with advice on how to effectively offer employees a successful work opportunity.

    Keywords: UK, training, career preparation, job seeking/ search skills, interview preparation/follow-up, career advancement, workplace accommodations, employer concerns

  • Persons with Disabilities Online

    Government of Canada

    Providing access to services and information for Canadians with disabilities, family members, caregivers, some of the topics covered include: accessibility, advocacy, assistive technology, employment, housing and health. The site also offers the Accessible Travel and Tourism Information Finder, so individuals can locate a variety of accessible Canadian travel and tourism information.

    Keywords: Canada, directory, training, accessible travel

  • WORKink

    Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

    An online career development and employment portal for Canadians with disabilities, it provides job search tools, career guidance and resources related to education and employment. It also offers some free programs to help job seekers build up their skills and capacity. Workplace Essential Skills Partnership (WESP), is a four-week program, Partners for Workplace Inclusion Program (PWIP) enhances employability skills and Youth the Future is focused on carving successful education and career paths

    Keywords: Canada, education resources, employment resources, job search, training, education

  • Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

    Dedicated to promoting and supporting equitable employment of persons with disabilities, the network offers a range of programs and services including WORKink® an online career development and employment portal, and the Partners for Workplace Inclusion Program (PWIP), providing job seekers with tools to prepare for a career or secure employment. The organization also provides accessibility solutions and disability awareness training and tools to develop a diversity plan for companies.

    Keywords: Canada, finding job leads, interview preparation, job seeking/search skills, finding job leads, career advancement, workplace accommodations, employment counselling, training, grants

  • JOIN, Job Opportunity Information Network

    A network of 22 community agencies in Toronto who assist Persons with Disabilities to find and maintain employment. They also assist employers in finding qualified candidates to meet their hiring needs. Offers mentoring events, job fairs with reputable employers, and employer conferences.​

    Keywords: Toronto, job seekers, employers, service providers, mentorship

  • RNIB Guide for Employers

    Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB)

    We understand employers may have concerns about taking on someone with sight loss, or about an existing employee who is losing their sight. RNIB have recently published a new Guide for employers.

    The guide addresses common questions and sets out the benefits of employing a blind or partially sighted person. It covers everything an employer needs to know about employing someone with sight loss, from the recruitment and interview process, to making sure the right equipment is in place for the employee to be successful in carrying out their role, and progress their career.

    Keywords: UK employers, hiring concerns, benefits of employing workers with vision loss, accommodations, Access to Work, employment schemes, barriers to employment

  • RNIB’s Employment Assessment Toolkit

    Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB)

    ​An employment assessment toolkit for professionals who work with blind and partially sighted people.

    Keywords: employability assessment, action plan, evaluate visually impaired individuals’ abilities and vocational experiences

  • Action for Blind People—Employment Success

    Action for Blind People

    Video by Action for Blind People showcasing a successful story of employment in the UK and the Access to Work scheme.

    Keywords: international, training, mentors, video, workplace accommodation, workstations, equipment, employer concerns

  • Online Abilities Project

    A Canadian service that partners with corporate organizations to place skilled candidates in employment related to their fields. Typically offered free for employers, who may also be eligible for a wage subsidy, the program provides the opportunity for individuals to apply their skills in the workplace. The Online Abilities program also offers a range of job support services, such as, resume preparation, career planning, job coaching, self-employment information and advice, workshops, training and guiding employers through workplace accommodations.

    Keywords: Canada, grants, training, workplace accommodations, resume preparation, job coaching, employer resources, job seeking/search skills

  • Careers and Community for Talented People with Disabilities


    US resource that connects job seekers with jobs, employers, advocacy organizations and service providers. Helping people build their careers, there are articles, forums, blogs and a social networking platform connects job seekers with each other and career mentors.

    Keywords: United States, employment counselling, training, labour market information

  • EARN: Employer Assistance and Resource Network

    With a database of over 2,000 job seekers, EARN helps employers recruit candidates with disabilities for internships and permanent employment, and offers information and training on the interview process, workplace accommodations, and disability etiquette. Its monthly newsletter profiles business success stories, employment statistics, and current events. Its focus is on the United States.

    Keywords: United States, webinars, workplace accommodation, interview preparation

  • Link Up Employment Services for Persons with Disabilities

    An employment services agency for job seekers with disabilities that offers a comprehensive list of services, including assessments, career guidance and job search support. They also run employment-related workshops and seminars, host presentations by businesses in the community and offer wide access to a variety of self-service employment resources. The organization also help employers in assessing and organizing job accommodations, including modifications to workstations, provision of assistive devices, and job coaching for clients.

    Keywords: Canada, job search skills, self-employment support, assistive devices, workshops, job seekers, workplace accommodation

  • REDI Podcast - Chat with Gary Horton

    The podcast is a REDI Chat with Gary Horton, CEO of Vanward Consulting in Detroit, Michigan – an entrepreneur who is blind and runs an agency that provides employment readiness training and corporate internship placements for young people with visual impairments. He is interviewed by Larry Worth, SVP, Rangam, an international IT staffing firm.

    Keywords: United States, Podcast, Corporate Internship Programs

  • CareerConnect Canada


    A free resource for students and any job seeker looking to explore jobs and network, for employers looking to diversify their workplace and for friends or family members who want to help someone in their career exploration. CareerConnect Canada offers a mentorship program whereby people connect online with individuals who are blind or partially sighted working in their fields. Using their knowledge and first-hand experience, they provide advice, encouragement and networking opportunities and can also help employers learn about accommodations and other ways in which they can diversify their workplace. 

    Keywords: Canada, labour market information, mentor, job/self match, employer concerning, workplace accommodation, training